May 9, 2006

Dear Bossy

I’m relatively new to jogging, so when my wife told me it was time to replace my jogging shoes I was surprised – they look fine to me. When should I replace them?

– Running out of Time

Dear Running,

It’s not always easy to determine when you need new jogging shoes since the sneaker’s midsole layer – the cushioning that provides stability and absorbs shock – wears out a lot faster than the sneaker’s visible outer sole.

Here are a few tips for spotting midsole wear:

* Be aware of how you feel. When the cushioning begins to give out you may experience little aches in your bones and joints.


* Study your shoe. Look for small creases in the material under the heel and the ball of the foot.


* Twist the shoe. A worn out midsole will twist more easily.


* Track your mileage. It’s time for a new pair when you’ve jogged between 350-550 miles, although sweet jesus hopefully not all at once.


Because your success as a runner hinges on your ability to prevent stress-induced injuries, you must be sensitive to subtle shifts in fit – and be on the lookout for the microscopic signs of wear.


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Tips On When To Replace Your Ruunning Shoes

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