July 20, 2007

Again With The Photoshop Tutorial: Deborah Jean Palfrey.

Deborah Jean Palfrey is the D.C. Madam facing federal charges for running a prostitution ring in our nation’s capital.

Servicing 10,000 clients in a thirteen-year period, Deborah Jean Palfrey ran her business from her California home. Pausing only for the occasional half-hour break, Palfrey’s day stretched from 8 in the morning to 11 at night, while she continuously made and received customer phone calls that typically lasted under three minutes each.

Her recently released phone records reveal that her clients were doctors, lawyers, congressmen, technology professionals, lobbyists, college professors, Capital Hill staffers, sports insiders, activists, and government contractors — the majority of them married and living in Maryland and Virginia’s leafy suburbs.

Deborah Jean Palfrey was the quintessential successful small business owner. Which is why it’s so sad that this became her internationally syndicated press shot:


So Bossy thought she would help her out with her Photoshop hack job mad skillz.

The first thing Bossy needs to address is the flyaway hair. Bossy selects the eyedropper tool to establish the background color and then replaces the fly-away hair using the paintbrush tool:


This is the result of the first change:


Next Bossy needs to get rid of the Copyright. This is absolutely illegal fine
so quit calling the police worrying:


Now we have this:


With the copyright removed What copyright? Let’s give her eyes some attention. First open a duplicate layer:


Then select the dodge tool.


Then open a new window for the Duplicate Layer so you can magnify the eye in order to work on it. Press your little circle thingy all over the eyeball to bring it to life:


This is a certain D.C. Madam after her right eye has been manipulated. Look at the difference between that and her corpse eye left eye!


Next Bossy will give the tart entrepreneur a new lipstick color because Bossy’s friend Martha says subtle lips are in and if anyone knows subtle it’s Martha because here she is:


Anyway. First we need to select the lasso tool:


Next we need to lasso all around the lips:


Then we need to get our asses over to the Replace Color window:


Grab the first eyedropper tool and click it in the field of color you want to replace:


Next, this:


Bossy used the same technique to change Deborah Jean Palfrey’s shirt color and this is what we have so far:


Poor Deborah Jean Palfrey. It’s hard work arranging all that fecking those escorts but Photoshop contends you don’t have to look sleazy exhausted. So Bossy grabs the dodge tool again to reduce the dark circles under her eyes:


Then she adjusts her dodge tool settings:


And once again Bossy gets busy dotting the area she needs to lighten:


This is Miss Palfrey after jail time the under-eye bags are removed:


Next Bossy fiddles a bit with Deborah Jean’s smile and voilà the completed before and after comparison:


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