September 26, 2007

Photoshop Tutorial, Number Now What?

Hello readers reader it’s time for another edition of Everything I Know About Being Half-Assed I Learned From Reading Bossy.

Recently Bossy’s Close and Personal her offered a one-hundred-step marvelous Photoshop tutorial on how she achieves the burned edge effect on her pictures. Bossy offers the following two-hundred-step shortcut as an alternative method.

First begin with a photo. This is Bossy’s Dane, Stella. She isn’t just Great, she’s a couch potato:


And here is that same photo straight out of the camera, or SOCCER MOM SOOC:


The first thing Bossy notices about her Dane photo is that it sucks ass leaves a little to be desired. Bossy will first adjust the levels in order to pump up the image. In order to accomplish this go to Layers, and then New Adjustment Layer, and then Levels:


Then you’ll get another Dialogue Box with three arrows you can drag around to make the blacks blacker and the whites whiter and the, yeah:


This is the newly leveled-out Dane:


Next Bossy notices that the image is a little blurry. This is because Bossy has never taken a focused image in her life the living room moved. To fix this problem, go under the Filter menu and click on Sharpen, and then Unsharpen Mask:


You will get a new dialogue box with three different categories of focus to adjust:


This is Bossy’s Dane after the Unsharpen Mask has been applied:


Next Bossy decides to bring a little more life into Stella’s eye by dodging the highlights of her, um, eye. First you do this:


Then this:


Then using your magnifying tool, increase the magnification of the new window until the whole thing is taken up with eye. This allows you to avoid Bossy’s every minute mistake overdoing it.

Now you’re ready to grab your Dodge Tool from the sidebar:


Then go up to the top menu and make sure you’re set to lighten the highlights at a small exposure percentage:


Using your highly magnified window, click the dodge tool around the eye until you achieve the desired effect.


And this is Stella after her Dr. 90210 eyelift procedure:


And now the moment Bossy’s readers reader has been waiting for — Bossy’s über simple technique for adding a burned edge effect to her pictures photographs. The first thing you’ll need from your tool bar is the Brush tool:


Next you want to select a large brush circumference and a nozzle that allows for a spray effect instead of the more precise paint effect:


Hello the one reader left! Anyway. Now you need to set the desired paint flow and the opacity of that paint:


Did Bossy mention you should have the color black selected? Because you should totally have the color black selected. Next, position the paint circle icon over the edge of your image until it barely overlaps your cropped photo. Did Bossy mention you should have cropped your photo? Because you totally should have cropped your photo. Anyway. While holding down your shift key, move the paint icon down the edge of your photo:


The great thing about this technique is you don’t have to be exact because the photo is cropped and therefore all but the thin border line falls off the screen blah blah Bossy’s blood sugar is dipping. Do you understand?

Also — the smaller the paintbrush circumference and the more refined the nozzle, the sharper your frame will be:


Here is the before and completed after:


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