September 19, 2008

The Daily Poverty Party


Welcome to the Daily Poverty Party, Bossy’s new feature about climbing out of debt. The idea began with these boots.

One day this past summer when Bossy was camping in Vermont, it rained. The fact that it rained separated that day from the rest of the camping trip exactly not at all, except on this particular rainy day, Bossy and her family drove to the nearest city.

Customarily when camping, Bossy and her family spend very little money due to the lack of proximity to things like Thai food or shoe stores—but on this particular day in rainy Vermont, Bossy fell head-first into both; but it’s the shoe store she wants to talk about.

Bossy loves shoes, but she loves lurves loffs boots. She tried on the boots pictured above and she walked three miles back and forth across the stretch of berber carpet near the display rack. She tried the boots in brown, she tried them in black, she tried them in brown again. She tried them a size up and a size down to be certain.

Alas, after rocking the baby and placing it back in its incubator box, Bossy left the shoe store, explaining to the salesperson that she didn’t have enough money. But an hour later, circumstance delivered her back to the same storefront, where circumstance equals dragging her daughter by the hair across four city blocks in the rain.

Ew,” said her daughter peeking through the plate glass nursery window, but Bossy would not be dissuaded. She went back into the store and stayed with the baby boots through all of visiting hours, sometimes marching back and forth in front of the cashier, and sometimes collapsing in heaps, eyeing up the price tag.

Enter a cute girl and her cute boyfriend, which according to Bossy is already one advantage too many. Faster than Bossy could lap the hosiery aisle, the cute girl had tried on Bossy’s boots in a smaller size and purchased them. With nary a second thought.

Which is when Bossy decided to buy a pair as well. It seemed only fair since the girl had driven Bossy to use words such as nary, and because Bossy was a way better boot mommy than the hasty, spoiled girl.

And Bossy has enjoyed her boots and worn them often, but the purchase has weighed on her. Not enough to sell them off, mind you, but enough to want to be held accountable against these types of purchases in the future.

You see: Bossy and her family are broke and in debt. Many times in the past Bossy has grown serious about limiting her purchases to cash, and keeping a running record of transaction amounts throughout the day, and other tricks learned on Oprah. But that dedication only lasts a few weeks before Bossy caves-in to convenience. And boots.

But every indication suggests that right now is the time to truly reign-in spending and whittle down debt, where indication equals the breadline Bossy is standing in due to the collapsed economy.

So every day nearly every day over the next year, Bossy will use this space to report her spending and missteps, along with cheap recipes, savings tips, and suggested tricks and goals.

But Bossy can’t do it alone—she needs her council of readers to share your pitfalls and successes—it will be a daily poverty party!


If you have a blog and you’d like to climb out of debt with Bossy, email her today for the nifty Poverty Party badge. Bossy will keep a running blogroll of participators so it will be easy to visit the other sites to trade information and moral support.

Who’s in?

Check below for the list of blogs already participating in the Poverty Party. And don’t forget to comb the comment section for links to entertaining Poverty posts across the web.

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