October 11, 2008

And Now For A Weekend Quiz.

What do ten Republican lawmakers and four Democratic lawmakers all have in common?

They ruled—on the same Alaskan ethics committee—that Sarah Palin abused her authority as Governor when she fired her Public Safety Commissioner becase her Public Safety Commissioner wouldn’t fire her


And while Bossy acknowledges that we all have personal experience with an ex-brother-in-law who tasers his own children, and therefore can totally empathasize, what scares Bossy more than the ex-brother-in-law drinking beer in his squad car is this:


He’s Todd Palin, and according to the ethics committee, Todd had total access to the governor’s office and all of its resources, which he used to make countless phone calls, set up meetings, and apply pressure to a range of subordinate state employees.

Although come to think of it, allowing one’s oil-field-operator husband to conduct your state business certainly bolsters the Sarah Palin claim, “I am not politics-as-usual.

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