December 3, 2008

A Virtual Housecleaning With Kathy Griffin.

Yesterday Bossy decided to clean off her desktop, where desktop equals not a desk, or a top — but rather this:


Raise your hand if you know one of those annoying people who create too many folders for stuff they will never use and yet they store those folders right there on the cluttered desktop, gumming up the bandwidth? Put your hand down, Bossy’s husband:


So there Bossy was, cleaning off her desktop — where cleaning isn’t really cleaning but rather staring for long periods of time and then napping — when Bossy discovered a little folder she’ll call Kathy Griffin. Because that’s what it said:


Now: Bossy loves her some Kathy Griffin, and in Bossy’s humble opinion Bossy and Kathy Griffin have many things in common, for instance
Bossy is funny Bossy has gays Bossy’s mom is also a wino!

And in this folder marked Cathy Griffon Kathy Griffin were lots and lots of photos. Bossy isn’t sure what Bossy had in mind when she collected all these photos because of a little thing Bossy likes to call lead poisoning, but Bossy is going to post the photos anyway so she can remove them from her desktop and into her trash can, where trash can isn’t really a trash can and who needs a shot of rum in their coffee?

Let’s begin. First we have this photo:


Bossy doesn’t know what she was going to say about this photo, but hair hair hair hair hair hair hair. Next up we have this:


Bossy isn’t sure, but Bossy was probably going to WHAT IS UP WITH THIS HAIR?

The next hair disaster photo from The Kathy Griffin Files is this:


OK, so maybe this isn’t so much a disaster. But Bossy wants you to know she took the Photoshop blur tool to Kathy’s face, because Bossy would never agree to post a photo as heinous as the original:


We interrupt this Bossy already in progress for a cute arse alert:


And then there’s this photo:


And this:


And let’s not forget this:


And finally it’s time to present the last photo from the Kathy Griffin files:


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