February 5, 2009

House Hunters International.


Who has seen this show on HGTV, in which someone looking to relocate abroad is shown three houses and then they buy one while you sit there and eat your heart out?

Good. Let’s begin. This is Malia. Molia. Mollllya:


Mollllya is an American artist who has lived in Northern California for thirteen years, but she wants to move to Mérida Mexico, which is the capital of Yucatán, because there’s just something about the ruins and maybe it’s an ancestral thing and maybe she’s a gypsy and, like that.

So Mollllya hires a real estate agent in Mérida, and this is the first house she is shown:


This house is listed at $160,000 and it’s a 300-year-old colonial in the center of town featuring two bedrooms and two baths. Although not really baths, because believe Bossy, Mollllya was all, “Where is the bathtub? No bathtub?

But it did have rooms like this, and all of the furniture was included:



And then it was time to see the kitchen and Mollllya was all, “Where are the cabinets? No cabinets?


Next Mollllya and the real estate agent checked out house number two:


House number two is listed at $170,000 and is also a two bedroom, two bath-less house in the center of town. House number two is being renovated, but it’s not yet complete:


Next up is the third and final house for Mollllya to see:


Listed at $60,000 house number three hasn’t been lived in for 60 years:


The real estate agent reminded Mollllya that it would be easy to renovate the house to her specifications, and she pointed out the house had good bones and pleasing light:


Mollllya admitted she liked the idea of beginning with ruins, but she was concerned about how much it would cost to complete, and how much time it would take.


Then it was time for Mollllya to decide which of the three houses she wanted to buy. Would it be the first house in the center of town, or the second house in the center of town, or the third house with the town at its center?


Well, wouldn’t you know, she purchased house number three and had it looking like Northern California faster than you can say The Guy Lied About It Taking Two Months:




And Mollllya was thrilled with her choice to relocate to Mexico. “You can’t help but be affected by living in the Yucatán,” she said. “Something takes over that allows you to see more deeply and experience more fully, and that’s bound to show up in your work.


In fact, one of Mollllya’s favorite aspects of living in Mexico are the people, which is why she threw a garden party for the benefit of the HGTV filming. “There’s something so warm about the people here in Mexico,” Mollllya said.


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