March 20, 2009

Dr. Seuss’ Ode To A Blog Conference


Poor Bossy is home while most bloggers are not
They’re off having fun, leaving Bossy with squat
Appearing on panels and winning Best Blog
While in a big heap, Bossy lies with her dog

Of course Bossy’s talking about Mom two-point-oh
A summit in Houston, but did Bossy go?
No—it cost too much money, at least that was her thinking
So she skipped all the learning and schmoozing and drinking

And then, back in Texas, it’s South By Southwest
Bossy wanted to go, but she thought it not best,
Because hotels and tech talk and booze not withstanding
Who could tolerate bands doing all those cute band things?

Not to mention how Bossy can’t buy an award
When it comes to the Bloggies she is largely ignored
But that is just fine — who needs recognition?
Who is Bossy if not the one lacking ambition?

But just like the rest of the Internet readers
Bossy saw photos of all the blog leaders
As they ate and were merry across Austin, all hot
With awards in their hands, dot dot frigging dot…

But this summer, Chicago, darned if Bossy will miss it
BlogHer-oh-nine, Bossy purchased her ticket
Right before it sold out, how could Bossy resist
She’ll be the tall one in back with a wine in each fist

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