March 25, 2009

As If It Couldn’t Get Worse: Look Who’s Three!


Today i am bossy turns three-years-old. Last year on Bossy’s second birthday she ceremoniously backed her car out of the driveway to begin her 10,000 mile Excellent Road Trip, except Bossy didn’t even know it was her blog’s second birthday because that’s exactly how sentimental she is.

This year Bossy and her blog will celebrate their birthday doing something way more ceremonious than a 35-day continental U.S. Road Trip — they will crawl across miles of hardwood floor painting a living room baseboard:


That leaves Bossy’s readers reader here alone to celebrate i am bossy‘s birthday. Bossy has a few suggestions of ways to pass the time:


Bossy has updated her Top 5 posts. You think you know, but you don’t: we’re talking presidential motorcades, firming sperm serum, mousy wives, blue lips, and early Seminole abortion practices — hurry over!

Or there’s this:


Right there in Bossy’s left column lives Bossy’s son on spring break, otherwise known as Bacchanalia By The Sea. Don’t miss! Or:


This is Bossy’s wildly successful new feature, where wildly successful equals Thank you Howard for visiting that once. This new music feature lives at the bottom of Bossy’s left column, where you will gain access to a song Bossy is currently listening to in her headphones. She is currently attending a 12-step program to help with her addiction to the latest band. Send help.

Or, speaking of cool tunes, you could watch Bossy’s Excellent Road Trip Thank You video:


Of course the above photo does not link to that Road Trip video because apparently i am bossy has to be 4-years-old to learn the useful stuff, but this underlined link will take you right there.


Lastly, Bossy would like to thank those of you who weighed-in regarding her Family Tree feature. Bossy will be picking up the story line again, as soon as she picks the paint clear of her fingernails.

Thank you Bossy readers, and happy happy birthday.

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