April 14, 2009

Ten-Word Tuesday. The Crotchless Panties Edition.


Fine. Just maybe they’re not crotchless panties — maybe this is a hole in a pair of Bossy’s sweat pants. But there is clearly a compromise of fabric here, although Bossy is not specifying exactly where.

Bossy has worn these sweat pants a few years shy of forever — they are her favorite pair of sweat pants ever, and she refuses to retire them, even in their current state:


Like most things surrounding true love, Bossy’s devotion to these sweatpants isn’t entirely logical and can’t be easily explained. The white waistband: hokey. The stripe down both sides: fussy. And yet.

Bossy only remembers she purchased them at Marshalls, where designer brand mistakes go to die. So Bossy decided to do some research to see if she could learn more about these sweat pants:


The first thing Bossy investigated was the label, G.W. Sport — even if Bossy thought it said C.W. Sport at first, and so when she looked on the internet for her sweat pants all she found were references to chocolate woman pants:


The next thing Bossy researched was the miracle fabric:


Armed with this information, Bossy decided to see if these exact sweat pants are still manufactured. And so she entered a random, vague description into a Google search:


And Bossy found a similar used pair of sweat pants on eBay!


Fear not. Bossy found a couple of other contenders:



It’s useless. And Bossy can sum up her love for her dying sweat pants in the following way:

If she had the sense, she’d have purchased ten pairs.

Which is what today’s Ten-Word Challenge is all about. In exactly ten words, can you tell Bossy about a favorite garment that is on its way out and breaking your heart?

And be sure to check back later today for the most threadbare comments on the web.

Also, Bossy employed her friend the Random Number Generator to select a winner for the Peek remote email device and three-month trial: Laura Jane! Congratulations, Bossy emailed you.

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