June 1, 2009

Scientists Discover Shipwrecks Are Good For Your Health.


This is Millvina Dean, known as Vera, and up until yesterday she was the oldest living survivor of the Titanic. She died yesterday at the age of 97.

Vera was only two months old when she and her brother and parents climbed aboard the Titanic as third-class passengers on their way from England to a new life in Wichita Kansas, which shall be known as Mistake Number One.


Mistake Number Two involved a collision with an iceberg, an impact Vera’s father knew was serious, and he quickly ordered his wife and children up on deck to await a lifeboat.

After Mistake Number Three, which was not having enough lifeboats for all of the passengers, Vera’s mother thought she would fulfill her husband’s dream of living in America, but since she was now widowed with two children, Vera’s mother decided to return to England instead, and so she purchased three tickets on a British Airways Boeing 747.


Because exactly what you want to do with your two small children is climb back on an ocean liner after the one you were on went belly up.

And Vera’s mom was right to worry, because sadly the traumatic experience took the life of Vera, 96 years and ten months later. In the meantime she lived in Southampton England, where she worked as a cartographer, and never married — maybe because those pesky men can’t fit in lifeboats.


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