July 1, 2009

Bossy Crushes Throughout History. Part Two.


His name is Joe Gerard even though his name is actually David Groh but this post isn’t about the actor David Groh who Bossy didn’t know but rather David Groh’s character Joe Gerard who Bossy also didn’t know.


Joe Gerard was a divorced dad who ran the New York Wrecking Company, and here was his job description: furl and unfurl engineering plans while wearing denim work shirts and a yellow hardhat.

Joe Gerard met Rhoda Morgenstern while she was visiting her sister Brenda, and the two fell in love, which is why Rhoda decided not to return to The Mary Tyler Moore Show Minneapolis.

TV Rhoda

At first Rhoda moved in with her sister Brenda, but then Rhoda moved in with Joe, and only eight weeks into the first season, Rhoda and Joe were married:


Bossy loved Joe Gerard because he called Rhoda babe. And because he had crinkly eyes and because he rolled his shirts up to the elbow and because he knew how to get in Rhoda’s face:


And Bossy loved Joe Gerard because, after the explosive argument, he always knew exactly how to lean in and make things right again:


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