July 21, 2009

Ten-Word Tuesday. Lucky Thirteen Edition.


This past weekend, Bossy’s daughter turned 13 years old and it was so much fun, here’s what happened: first she broke her arm.


She didn’t really break her arm, she sprained her wrist — or at least that’s what the emergency room doctor said a few minutes after he examined her and announced her wrist was probably broken, which was just a half hour before the x-rays didn’t reveal a break, which was one day before the x-rays were hopefully sent to a real orthopedic man for a second opinion because sister mercy Bossy can’t even breathe on her daughter’s wrist without it hurting.

Luckily the broken arm sprained wrist didn’t interfere with the pool/pizza/sleepover party her daughter had been planning for weeks. Nope, it didn’t interfere with her daughter’s plans one bit because Bossy’s daughter’s friends, one by one, had already called that morning to cancel and so there was no birthday pool/pizza/sleepover party to interfere with.

Bossy tried to cheer up the situation by suggesting the family play a board game on the back porch! In fact, a board game Bossy’s daughter had just opened for her birthday, along with a handful of other poverty presents! And so the family assembled on the back porch for the game, which was called How Many People Does It Take To Read The Instructions While Arguing The Finer Points Of The Objective On A Game Suitable For Ages Ten And Up?





And then Bossy cleared away the carnage that was Family Game Time and prepared a delicious fish dinner which she then served to her family of four plus Bossy’s friend Jim and Bossy’s mom.


Next Bossy’s daughter laid out many toppings and colored icings so the pool/pizza/sleepover guests gin-soaked adults could decorate their own mini cakes, baked earlier in the afternoon. And before you criticize Bossy for mentioning alcohol in yet another post, she’s just kidding! The adults weren’t really gin soaked! They were Merlot soaked.


Here, Bossy’s son works his way down the assembly line. He is wearing a hooded sweatshirt in July because he has Mono:


And then Bossy’s friend Jim won for best decorated cupcake, and next the family propelled themselves off the side of a cliff.


Bossy clearly remembers her thirteenth birthday: she went on a double date to the movies. Bossy can’t remember who exactly went or which movie they saw because: a boy! Who was a date!

And then Bossy went home and opened a few gifts. The following is a photo of Bossy on her thirteenth birthday opening a garlic press given to her by her father:


Bossy can sum up her thirteenth birthday in the following way: Bossy had one youthful year remaining before meeting 30-year-old boyfriend.

Which is what today’s Ten-Word Challenge is all about. In exactly ten words, can you tell Bossy about your thirteenth birthday, or the year you moved into your teens?

And be sure to check back later today for the luckiest thirteenth birthday comments on the web.

If you missed the last Ten-Word Challenge, press this link to see how Bossy’s commenters analyzed their relationships, through the eyes of a relationship expert, in ten words.

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