November 19, 2009

Yet Another Little Known Fact


Yesterday while at Ikea with Bossy’s friend Martha, Bossy was taking stealth photographs of stuff like a stack of their votive candles which have now resorted back to poopy-butt manufacturing practices — when suddenly Bossy was confronted by an intimidating employee and told to empty her camera of all photos or else, for security purposes.

Bossy is already decades into this dance with Ikea, as Bossy used to be an interior designer who often wished to capture different, appealing, product shots for her clients than those made available in Ikea’s thin-paged directory of a catalogue.

Bossy’s point is she knows about this policy and so is therefore extra stealth, except she did drop her guard a little while in As Is because, as is.

So Bossy pushed lots of buttons and emptied her camera of all shots and then turned her camera monitor to the employee and said, red-faced, “See? Nothing left but my dog,” which somehow seems a funny thing to say, now, in retrospect.

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