January 10, 2010

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Bossy’s (No) Book Tour. But Were Too Smart To Ask


On April 6, 2010, Bossy will wave goodbye to her husband and kids and embark on a six-week cross-country continental United States tour to promote the book she didn’t write! This community-building endeavor is known as Bossy’s (No) Book Tour — because not everyone has a book, but everybody has a story.

Bossy’s (No) Book Tour is one blogger’s drive to turn virtual stories into faces. Bossy will be meeting and convening with other bloggers and I Am Bossy readers across the country to do fun stuff like not sign the books they didn’t write!

There are over 500 bloggers in over 200 cities already on board, with more being added every minute! Here is a list of all the blogs participating in the (No) Book Tour!

And this is the Google map showing where the participating bloggers and readers are located. Each pushpin represents many people, so click on them to see the list of names:

View Bossy’s (No) Book Tour in a larger map

But Bossy can’t go everywhere, so this is her itinerary:

April 6 — New York City
April 7 — D.C.
April 8 — Richmond
April 9 — Atlanta
April 10 — Nashville
April 11 — Little Rock
April 12 — Dallas
April 13 — Houston
April 15 — Austin
April 18 — Scottsdale
April 20 — San Diego
April 21 — Orange County
April 22 — Los Angeles
April 25 — Palo Alto
April 26 — San Francisco
April 27 — Sacramento
April 29 — Portland
April 30 — Seattle
May 2 — Boise
May 4 — Denver
May 5 — Kansas City
May 6 — St Louis
May 7 — Madison
May 8 — Chicago
May 10 — Detroit
May 11 — Toronto
May 13 — Berkshire County
May 15 — Boston

For up to the minute information about meet-ups in every city, please fan Bossy on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter. Bossy’s road trip hashtag is #nobooktour

To pull off this six-week, 12,000-mile journey, Bossy has assembled a team of (No) Book Tour sponsors, including:


Bossy is driving a Ford Fusion hybrid, voted Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, 2010. Other sponsors include:


Bossy is eager to see if there are enough Burger King breakfast sandwiches in the world to sate her obsession.

Bossy’s next sponsor is:


Atlantic Records will feed Bossy and her council new musical artists throughout her trip, as well as provide interesting facts, figures, and tour dates!

In addition, Bossy is being sponsored by:


Bossy couldn’t pull off an average of seven-hour driving days without coffee.

Finally, the following list features additional sponsors, each who provided Bossy with bottomless support and generosity:


Here is a link to Bossy’s (No) Book Tour video announcing the trip. And here is a video announcing Bossy’s (No) Book Tour sponsors and itinerary dates.

If you would like to donate gas money to Bossy’s cause, a tip jar lives in the right column, or press the following button. Even very small increments of money are appreciated, because drops in the bucket will eventually slosh over the sides if everyone donates. Something like that.

We now return Bossy to her nervous breakdown, already in progress.

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