February 9, 2010

Notes From A Far-Flung Correspondent


Welcome to Notes from a Far-Flung Correspondent, which features the weekly interests and musings of Bossy’s Son, who is currently enjoying his sophomore year at Columbia University in the City of New York.

This week: Seltzer Water


So let me explain. I am not one of those people (cough, cough, my friends from LA, cough) who think NYC tap water isn’t great to drink. Nor am I the San Pellegrino socializer, the restaurant patron for whom sparkling water is the way to go.

But to members of Bossy’s Esteemed Council, I say that I am one of those people — the unfortunate, battered souls — who are often awake past 2 a.m., reading Kant & Confucius & Chomsky & Snyder & Dostoevsky & so on & so forth and zzzzzzzzzzz. And since I try although barely succeed to avoid a caffeine addiction, one of the things I resort to in order to stay awake is snacking.

Snacking wasn’t a big deal in high school — my metabolism was kickin’, my nights ended earlier, my workload was easier, and I lived in a house with a kitchen. But then this happened:


I graduated, and that means going to college, staying up later, paying for my own food, blah blah blah this is how the freshman 15 and the sophomore slump happens. I’ve tried a cornucopia of slightly-healthier alternatives — celery, decaf tea, sunflower seeds -– but nothing proved a good way to munch late at night without sacrificing health.

Enter a local grocery’s 5-for-$2 special on Vintage Seltzer water. It’s fizzy, it’s fresh, it comes in a variety of flavors, and hell yes there are no calories, sodium, dyes, or whatever other impish substances sneak into most beverages. And it keeps me awake, even through the most perilous Tao Te Ching or Ecce Homo.

Any other suggestions for cool late-night snacky substances?

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