May 12, 2011

Everything You Know About Technology You Sure Didn’t Learn Here

Although Bossy pays the bill writing on the internet, most technological concepts still leave Bossy in the dark. So today Bossy would like to take a current technology news story and beat it into submission. Who’s in?


This is Hugo Barra and he’s Google’s Product Management Director. Who’s confused so far? Bossy put your hand down.


It’s our new best friend Hugo’s job to announce when Google has a new thing, which is what happened yesterday. And here’s what he announced:


According to CNN, “Music Beta lets users upload their music to Google’s servers, similar to’s recently launched Cloud Drive, and migrate their playlists and data from iTunes. The music player can be accessed from a Web browser as well as from an Android phone or tablet.

If you’re anything like Bossy, here’s what you got out of that paragraph: You upload your music to something from somewhere wonder if my avocado is ripe.

So then Bossy looked up what this Amazon Cloud Drive is all about, since that’s what Google is copying.


And it turns out Amazon Cloud Drive is described as free online storage space for your digital music and photos and stuff.

And because Bossy wants to give you a thorough look at this technological service, she researched who Amazon‘s Director of Product Management is to see if he’s half as sexy as Google‘s Director of Product Management, and guess what, party people?


Where were we? Ah, yes: Google‘s new online storage space for music, Music Beta. Here’s how it works: if you are a U.S. resident, you can upload up to 20,000 songs for free! And speaking of free, it may not remain free! At least according to Google’s Product Manager Paul Joyce, and he should know:


And there was more to Google’s announcement on Tuesday. Stuff about how YouTube, which is owned by Google, recently launched a movie rental service — and those movies can be accessed through gadgets such as an Android phone or tablet or dice the avocado and sprinkle with olive oil and lemon.

Is this a good time for Bossy to admit she doesn’t know what an Android is?


And it turns out Android, which is owned by Google, is an operating system for Smartphones! Bossy knows, right? Android is like an iPhone without the Apple! By the way, this Public Service Announcement is courtesy of 2003.


Thus concludes today’s breaking technology news!

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