August 18, 2011

Girl Weekend – A Sheraton Getaway


Recently Bossy’s friends at Sheraton contacted Bossy to see if she’d like to take a friend on a fun weekend getaway to a big city — and Bossy said yes she would — except hold the friend.

Nobody loves Bossy’s friends more than Bossy, but Bossy has this thing about alone time. She thinks it’s critical. Bossy believes one should carve time to hear oneself think over the din of others. Especially if those others do annoying things like refer to people as one.


But the problem with alone time is: it can be kind of lonely. The things most people can appreciate about alone time often make them feel uncomfortable when given the opportunity to experience it. For instance, dining alone, and walking alone, and being alone.

But Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers thought it was a marvelous idea to send Bossy away alone on her Girl Weekend. The following represents the 38 hours Bossy spent listening to her inner voice. Of course, this report skips the 39th hour when Bossy wanted to schedule an inner voice transplant. Shall we?

The first thing Bossy did on her independent, free as the wind weekend was get stuck in traffic.


In no time at all, which was actually four hours that should have taken two, Bossy pulled into her hotel. Did Bossy mention that her Sheraton was located in Midtown Manhattan? This was convenient, of course, considering Bossy had just driven to New York City.


The location of this hotel couldn’t be better if you’re one of those types who enjoy Central Park and Times Square and easy access to 5th Avenue and Broadway and museums and shows and restaurants and shops.

The first thing Bossy did when she arrived at the hotel was settle into her executive suite. And settle and settle and settle. All of that settling was necessary because the room was so ample — and unfortunately Bossy’s habit when staying in a hotel is to broadcast her stuff across every conceivable surface, as if there was a Gap factory explosion.




All of that settling into the room gave Bossy quite the appetite, and so she set off into the balmy summer night:


And the reason Bossy was in a taxi in the first place when there is so much excitement near her hotel, is because Bossy heard about a restaurant she thought would be fun to try:


The restaurant is Buenos Aires which is where Bossy ‘s son has been living since February!


For the past five months, Bossy’s son has emailed incessantly about all of the Argentinian steak he’s been eating, even though Bossy’s son hasn’t really emailed about eating Argentinian steak because he’s on a budget — and even though Bossy’s son hasn’t really been emailing that often because he’s so busy not emailing — but still Bossy has been obsessed with eating Argentinian steak. Or maybe it’s called Argentine steak. But anyway, craving, yeah, right. Who understands?

So Bossy went to this particular restaurant and sat outside at a delightful cafe table where everyone around Bossy was speaking Argentinian, which Bossy’s son also speaks, even though it’s called Spanish.

Anyway, who wants to see a photo of Bossy’s steak?



Next Bossy went back to her hotel for a restful night’s sleep.


In the morning, Bossy pulled back her curtains to reveal a beautiful view of a beautiful day!


Since Bossy was staying in an Executive Suite hold the executive, it entitled Bossy to a free breakfast buffet in the Sheraton Club located on the 44th floor.


After breakfast Bossy thought about working out in the hotel gym. She thought about it, but she quickly thought of something else instead. And that something else was taking a subway downtown!



Once downtown, Bossy went to a street fair:


After devouring the food at the street fair, Bossy decided to get something to eat! So she walked to a nearby cafe and ordered a couple of appetizers:


After lunch following street fair food on the heels of a breakfast buffet, Bossy decided to take a long walk. And it was during this long walk she did something she never did before, and it was so fun it was like capital eff you enn. Bossy walked across the Brooklyn Bridge!

brooklyn bridge



What’s convenient about walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is the vantage point from which one can select housing one would like to occupy:



After all of that walking wrapped in eating, Bossy retired back to her hotel to relax:


If you’re wondering why Bossy needed to relax, it’s because she had a ticket to an evening performance Bossy can’t talk about here, in case Bossy’s daughter selects today as the one day in all of eternity to read this blog. Suffice it to say the thing Bossy attended that night rhymes with Laudway Toe.


While on the subject of the Laudway Toe, it may interest Bossy’s council to learn Bossy had quite the debacle regarding her ticket and its method of ordering and other issues Bossy isn’t free to talk about mostly because she can’t remember the details.

But thankfully Bossy’s Sheraton is equipped with a wireless internet bar in the lobby called the Link@Sheraton, which allows hotel guests to do things such as access the theater’s website and print out expensive tickets and yell at the vender who added the insane fee to the price of Bossy’s seat. Well maybe the Link doesn’t offer a service for that last thing.



After Bossy’s exciting day of eating and walking and napping and eating and sitting and watching and eating, she retired to her room for another peaceful night’s sleep:


After breakfast the next day, Bossy decided to take advantage of the hotel gym, which isn’t just a hotel gym but rather Sheraton Fitness. According to the literature, Sheraton Fitness features Core® Performance, which refers to state of the art equipment and Sheraton’s commitment to customize a healthy fitness regime for their guests. According to Bossy, though, Core® Performance refers to machines that make your muscles go Ow after enlisting someone to teach you how to use them.




After Bossy’s workout — which when compared to Bossy’s daily jog outside was actually more of a workin — it was time for Bossy to pack her inner voice and drive back to the outer voices in her life.

Thank you, Sheraton, for your hospitality and amenities. Feel free to call Bossy anytime you have an unoccupied room! Or even one with voices in it.

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