February 5, 2012

Thank You Don Cornelius


When Bossy was a girl she never missed an episode of Soul Train, a music variety show featuring R&B, soul, funk, disco, gospel, dunk, fosgel, and risco.

The series was created in 1971 by its first host and executive producer, Don Cornelius.



It wasn’t so much the fashion Bossy tuned in to see, or even the first glimpse of unknown artists who would later become huge. Plain and simple, Bossy watched Soul Train because she loved the Soul Train line.

For those who aren’t familiar with a Soul Train Line because your solar capsule just landed on Neptuneor you are pleasingly younger than Bossy — dancers divide into two columns facing each other and those at the top of the columns take turns dancing down the center:


Sometimes you dance down the lane alone, or sometimes you dance with a partner, but the idea is to bring your game.



Don Cornelius passed away last week from an apparent suicide. Bossy regrets she never had the chance to thank him for bringing the Soul Train Line into her life.

Bossy is pleased to report she still regularly attends parties that aren’t considered complete until the candle wax forms stalagmites on the table, and everyone has done their thing down the center of two columns of grooviness.






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