April 17, 2012

Ten-Word Tuesday. The For Sale Version


Bossy doesn’t just own cars. She marries them.

The first car Bossy ever owned was a car inherited from a neighbor. It was a Chevy Impala or something along those lines, where those lines equals lines drawn in the shape of a rectangle:


Bossy tried to love this car. She sat in its front seat once, trying to connect with the lingering smell of sitting water, crumbling foam, and tarnished metal. But she just couldn’t. Which is why it was so lucky the car wouldn’t start!

So when that car was mercifully towed away, Bossy entered the market for what would become her real first car, and she landed on this:


It was a Honda Civic wagon, and Bossy bought this adorable go cart from a drummer who purchased it while living in Los Angeles. The musician status elevated the car’s cool factor, even if it was the drummer’s white haired parents who sold the car to Bossy through their local suburban newspaper.

Bossy’s next car was this:


Bossy’s Peugeot 504 was brimming with the romance of the foreign car dealership where Bossy’s parents had the family Citroën serviced for 200,000 miles and all of eternity.


Next Bossy had this:


It was a Mazda 323 and she bought it because the Mazda dealer looked like a poor man’s David Bowie, even as poor David Bowie began to resemble a poor man’s David Bowie.

Bossy loved her Mazda salesman, even if he did roll his eyes at Bossy who was practicing her negotiation skills based on a book that proselytized lessons such as The next person who talks loses.

And this Mazda 323 may look to all the world like it was a boring design, but believe Bossy, it was! Except it did safely and soundly transport Bossy and her newborn son all over creation, and so when Bossy decided she needed a larger car, she sold the Mazda to a sweet French couple and perused the local papers for her next car.

And that next car was this:


It was a Volvo 240 wagon, and although the seller was just a stranger Bossy met through her city’s newspaper, it turns out he grew up in Bossy’s current small town, and so Bossy and the stranger compared notes regarding poop scoop laws and liquor license applications until the stranger was no longer one at all.

And Bossy drove her Volvo happily. Until she moved to a Virginia farm where she needed a hardier car. So she bought this:


It was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and like the Volvo, Bossy came away from the purchase of her used Jeep with brand new friends Bossy met through the newspaper ad, who stacked the back of Bossy’s Jeep with freshly divided perennials for her farm garden.

But then Bossy moved back from the Virginia farm to her previous small town and she needed something less hardy.


So Bossy bought this:


Bossy didn’t so much fall in love with this car on the test drive as she felt obligated to buy it since Bossy’s daughter had already kicked off her shoes and thrown her dirty summer feet upon the dashboard, which is to say this Honda CR-V was an instant family member.

And now Bossy’s Honda CR-V — famous on the Internet — is up for sale.

Bossy can sum up her emotions about selling her old beloved friend in this way: Buy it so Bossy can stop crying looking at it.

Which is what today’s Ten-Word Challenge is all about. In exactly ten words, can you tell Bossy about a love affair you had or have with a car?

And don’t forget to check back later today for the best car love on the web.

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