September 11, 2012

From The Files Of Whatever Happened To?

Once upon a time, Bossy’s parents had a friend who lived in an enormous house with many of those things called rooms.


And in this enormous house with rooms, there lived a meat scale dressed as an industrial hairdryer with attached seatbelt:


It was a vibrating weight loss machine, but back in the 1950s it was known as a Vibrating Weight Loss Machine. The idea was to strap the belt around those areas of the body with a tendency to jiggle, allowing the vibrations to stimulate circulation, which loosened fat cells and improved muscle tone.


And Bossy climbed right on that machine belonging to the family friend and gave it a try. And it must have worked! Because in only the few minutes Bossy could tolerate her vertebrae dropping out of her sacroiliac, she looked like this!



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