November 5, 2012

Is That Your Lacrimal Apparatus, Or Are You Just Unhappy To See Me? Bossy Explains Crying


Have you ever wondered how we produce tears
Do they live deep inside us, dormant for years
Do they wait at the surface, ready to spill
Out the eye, past the lash, and from there it’s downhill?

In truth it’s a system, a Rube Goldberg in making
It kicks into gear when your heart begins breaking
The lacrimal gland produces clear fluid
Which drops in a duct, and it races right through it

And through these canals to the surface of I
Tears prevent our eyeballs from becoming too dry
But why are there tears when we hear someone’s dying
Where is the science in this art of crying?

Well they say when we’re sad many things can accrue
Manganese and prolactin and tissues, a few
One of these is hormonal, one’s a chemical too
And grief is what holds them together, like glue

But your teardrops release these like nudists shed dress
When you wipe them away you should feel less stress
They say you should cry til there’s just nothing left
But if so how come Bossy is still so bereft?

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