November 7, 2012

The Presidency The Sequel


Ten things Bossy learned during last night’s presidential election coverage, which Bossy watched with her usual, very fun clan:

  1. We used to talk about a political party’s ticket in each state. But now we say up-ticket and down-ticket. It refers to the races in order of significance on a ballot. The presidential race is up-ticket. The state senate race is down-ticket.

    Come on Candy Crowley, don’t pretend you were saying up-ticket and down-ticket in 2008.

  2. candy-crowley-long-hair

  3. Sister mercy, if this whole political journalist thing doesn’t work out for John King, he has a future in calling auctions. Except he’ll have to learn to speak more slowly
  4. cnn-john-king

  5. Todd Akin is scary
  6. Mitt Romney can write a decent concession speech
  7. The MSNBC in-studio map was unfortunately hung too low, like a painting in a cheesy motel room. And poor Chuck Todd was scraping knuckles in his explanations of the southern states. The aesthetic mishap was all too much for Bossy’s clan, which included two interior designers, and one art teacher
  8. chuck-todd-msnbc

  9. Raw votes. A candidate can be ahead in raw votes in a state and still not be projected to win. Because raw votes are what’s already been counted, held against the counties still not reported
  10. Projecting a winner is not the same as calling a state. But both produce diarrhea
  11. Al Sharpton is half the man he used to be
  12. thin-al-sharpton

  13. There used to be Wolf Blitzer. Now there’s Wolf Blitzer’s Glasses
  14. wolf-blitzer-glasses-frames

  15. Barack O’Boyfriend gets to date Bossy for another four years
  16. baracky-2

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