November 10, 2012

A Sexy Sweaty Dress


The other day Bossy opened an email introducing The Running Dress by the CEO and founder of The Sexy Mom’s Club, Becky Reese, who believes you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for fitness.


The idea behind The Running Dress is that finally there is fitness apparel so cute you can go straight from your run to lunch with friends!


But that’s not all! The Sexy Mom’s Club believes you should be able to do other stuff and then go directly to lunch. Such as mucking your horse’s stall:


Bossy knows from firsthand experience you need actual pants when riding a horse. Bossy knows because the leggings Bossy wore when she weaned calves at her friend The Pioneer Woman‘s ranch were rubbed thin with barbed horsehair. That barbed horsehair is stuck there still.

Bossy also wants you to know she wore a skirt over those leggings and, one year later, that sound you hear is the Oklahoma ranchers chuckling over the absurdity of Bossy’s outfit. You can read Ree’s perspective on Bossy as cowgirl here.



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