November 14, 2012

Let’s Catch Up With The Rolling Stones

Keith Richards was on NPR yesterday with his take on one of his favorite Rolling Stones’ songs, Street Fighting Man.


Released in 1968, Street Fighting Man was a track on Beggar’s Banquet, which was the last record before the death of guitarist Brian Jones:


Keith Richards confided he accomplished the unique guitar sound by recording an acoustic guitar inches from a cassette player, which was luckily ten minutes after gah invented them:


It was an unusual choice to use an acoustic guitar instead of an electric guitar, since grit was needed because the song was a nod to the era’s civil unrest. But Keith knew better. The cassette player overloaded at the guitar’s proximity, which provided the distortion — while the unique warmness of the acoustic guitar still prevails.


2012 marks The Rolling Stones’ 50th year as a band. Public Service Announcement: This does not mean they are 50-years old, just like it doesn’t mean they began playing instruments 50 years ago, this means it has been 50 whole years since The Rolling Stones formed.


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