November 15, 2012

Bossy Gets Crushes On People

The other day Bossy fell into a wormhole dressed as an artist’s website. And not just one artist’s website, but the websites for both the artist and his artist wife. Bossy would love to tell you who they are, but she needs to protect their identities because they are living artists.


He — the man painter — paints stuff in a sort of Andrew Wyeth style:


While she — his wife the woman painter — paints stuff in a sort of last night’s dinner stuck to plate style:


But the reason Bossy lost a day of her life stalking these two artists has nothing to do with their art. Instead, it has to do with the way they live in three different cities, and just returned from their travels across Hong Kong, Egypt, Greece, and France.


And it has to do with the way the woman artist described time spent with her husband. She said when you are in love and you’re with that person, the clock both collapses and expands.


And Bossy’s stalking has to do with the clarity in which he seems to know her and capture that in an obsessive number of portraits. And it has to do with the photographs of these two together. The palpable way they lean into each other, shoulder to shoulder, exudes an enviable rightness.


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