November 21, 2012

Dr Seuss Does Thanksgiving


Etruscans were Italians before there was Rome
And they started a custom with a chicken’s Wishbone
It’s the furcula bone between the neck and the breast
A slight V-shaped thing, most of you could attest

But did you know Etruscans thought fowls were prophetic?
Because hens predict eggs with a squawk—how pathetic
And so these old-timers would ask their bird questions
They didn’t have Cable is Bossy’s impression

Anyway, that tradition handed down to the Romans
Who looked to their chickens to predict the town’s omens
They believed a broken wishbone could enable good luck
For whoever broke the big piece — the small piece = schmuck

The Romans gave this superstition to the English
Who renamed the Wishbone to please standards quite priggish
And thus “Merrythoughts” was the bone the British acquired
When they wanted the wish that they all so desired

Here’s how: two folks pull on both sides of the bone
And yank ‘til it breaks—if there’s a trick, it’s unknown
Because strength has nothing to do with the winner
Next: you keep your wish quiet and get back to your dinner

Hence the start of the phrase, “I can’t catch a break”
Who knew there’s a saying from a bone, for christsake
In honor of Etruscans and their wishbones so kitsch
Just what would you want if you could have your one wish?

(Leave in the comments below.)

And Happy Thanksgiving to Bossy’s council!

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