November 30, 2012

And They Told Two Friends And So On And So On


And suddenly Bossy looked up and November was gone. November, the month when Bossy posted every single day. Do you know what every single day is like? It’s like one day multiplied by seven days multiplied by four.

And time went very quickly, so it didn’t really feel like a whole month! It felt more like a month minus the extra day found in October, January, and May.

And in that month Bossy wrote about the crying mechanism using Dr. Seuss verse, and Bossy drew scientifically accurate pictures of Hurricane Sandy with her middle finger and Bossy judged the usefulness of a ziplock bag the size of a church wafer, and Bossy reviewed the latest fashion trends in the voice of her Jewish grandmother, and Bossy quizzed you on your memory loss while Bossy taught sex ed using two piano tuners and a pipe organ.

Bossy hopes you enjoyed reading her month of posts as much as she enjoyed writing them, which is to say Bossy hopes you didn’t need as much wine as she did.

And that leads Bossy to her final thought. When Bossy was a girl back when protozoa roamed the earth, there was a television commercial in which the girl tells the camera that Faberge Organics’ wheat germ oil shampoo was so good it made her want to tell a friend!



Then the girl continues, “And they told two friends..”


“… And so on…”


“…And so on…”


“…And so on…”


Which is to say, if you enjoyed Bossy these last weeks as much as wheat germ oil in your hair, why not tell two friends?

And even though December is railing toward us like a bug to the windshield that is Merry Christmas, Bossy wants you to know she will keep up her posting routine. It may not be every single day, but it may be single day every!

In fact, Bossy is making all kinds of changes to ensure that regular posting is back! And this, most esteemed council, is a promise.

Love, Bossy

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