December 7, 2012

Time For Another Episode Of What You Missed On NPR

As you may know because Bossy can’t stop writing about it, Bossy has a hellacious work commute that takes her from point A to point Be Careful Not To Get A Job Too Far Away From Your Bed:


Two and a half hours in the car each day makes a person mighty grateful for small distractions:



But nothing is ever quite as entertaining as the inadvertent funny that is National Public Radio.

Take the other day. Please. This time it was a report by Wendy Kaufman about the legalization of recreational marijuana in Washington state.


According to Wendy Kaufman, the issue facing Washington State is how to regulate the licenses for growers, processors, and retailers.

Pat Kohler is director of the liquor control board,” Wendy Kaufman reports.


According to Wendy Kaufman, the liquor control board has lots of experience enforcing the rules for alcohol, but knows nothing about marijuana.

But Pat Kohler is reaching out to all kinds of people,” Wendy Kaufman says. “She’d like to get up to speed quickly.


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