February 14, 2013

February 14th Alternatives For The Lovelorn


Oh good, it’s Valentine’s Day again, because you know how much the Undivorced enjoy celebrating the holidays of romance.

Except the truth is Bossy never saw the appeal. While it’s true Valentine’s Day affords a chocolate-eating opportunity, it’s also the day we celebrate Cupid’s arrow through the heart and — is it Bossy — that’s just ow.

Bossy never understood why Valentine’s Day gained in popularity given all of the other widely-known events worthy of celebration that took place on February 14th. Shall we?

  1. Happy Apple Parer Patent Day!
  2. apple-parer

  3. Happy Oregon admitted as the 33rd State Day!
  4. oregon-trees

  5. Happy Emperor Leopold Chases Jews out of Vienna Day!
  6. leopold-emperor

  7. Happy U.S. Congress Begins Using Voting Machines Day!
  8. hanging-chad

  9. Happy Victor Fleming replaces George Cukor as Director of Gone With the Wind Day!
  10. victor-fleming

  11. Happy Sugar Ray Robinson defeats Jake Lamotta Day!
  12. sugar-ray-leonard-jake-lamotta

  13. Happy Anniversary of Jackie Kenenedy‘s Televised White House Tour Day!
  14. jackie-kennedy-white-house-tour

  15. Happy Aretha Franklin Records Respect Day!
  16. aretha-franklin-respect

  17. Happy First Micro On A Chip Patented By Texas Instruments Day!
  18. micro-chip-texas-instruments

    and finally

  19. Happy Jerry Garcia Weds Deborah Koons Day!


Click here for Bossy’s post from yesterday about City Hall and penises.

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