March 4, 2013

Turn Of Phrase

Hi, and welcome to March, where Bossy is posting every single weekday this month. Note: that does not mean every single day. It means every single day minus those fun days.

Anyway. Bossy would like to begin by trying to solve the mystery of a term she has never understood. And that term is as follows:

Suspension of disbelief.

Attributed to the 19th Century poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge, suspension of disbelief is the theory that if there’s enough truth sprinkled in a tale, the audience will overlook the other more implausible things surrounding the narrative.


But here’s the problem. Bossy always thought when a person is believing something implausible, that person is suspending their belief.


Because when you buy a pack of deception, aren’t you suspending what you believe, and not what you don’t believe?


If you missed what Bossy wrote so far in March, click here for drawings of her current life.

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