March 12, 2013

Anatomy Of A Cold

Yesterday Bossy woke up with a cold, which is unusual because if Bossy were a Super Hero, her power would be Never Getting Sick.


Bossy’s cold got Bossy thinking about why our nose becomes stuffy when we’re sick. You see, mucus is the stuff that lives inside our nose to chase away unwanted things like disease! And bacteria! Or dust:


And under that layer of mucus exists a nest of tiny hairs called cilia:


So the bad stuff gets trapped in the sticky mucus and it’s the cilia that sweeps it out from the nasal cavity:


And when we are sick, the body produces more mucus containing antiseptic enzymes and immunoglobulins, which act as antibodies against the common cold:



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Bossy is posting every weekday in March, y’all! It’s March Madness up in here.

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