March 22, 2013

Join Bossy As She Waits For Her Train


As some of you may have gleaned — because Bossy can’t stop writing about it in very specific terms — Bossy recently got a new job in the city. This allows her to commute to work by train! This is a tremendous advantage since Bossy also commutes home by train!

Like other commuters, Bossy has learned to read the timetables associated with her public transit system. For instance, Bossy knows there’s a train at 5:22pm, and a train at 5:55pm, and then there’s the red eye when Bossy’s eyes are the ones that are red due to drinking with her coworkers.

So occasionally Bossy gets stranded on the train platform longer than she’d like, awaiting her train that runs just once an hour during off peak times, because Bossy lives in an off peak community.

But luckily there are many celebrities in Bossy’s train station as Bossy kills the time that is killing her! Shall we?

For instance, just yesterday, Bossy saw Billy Joel!



And then there was him!


And her!



And finally, her!


Bossy hopes you’ll stick around for the next edition of Join Bossy As She Waits For Her Train!

In the meantime, if you liked this post about the train, click here to see a photo of Bossy on her train.

Or click here to read about the time Bossy caught a cold from the lead singer from Train. You may not think you know Train, but you do. Hey Soul Sister, Meet Virginia, Drops of Jupiter, Calling All Angels, Marry Me, see?

Or, since we’re talking about trains, click here to read Bossy’s tutorial on how to do A Soul Train Line. (Thank you Don Cornelius.)

Bossy has more train links, yes she does, but she will spare you, esteemed council. Or, leave Bossy a comment letting her know you like being pointed to other similar posts.

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