March 30, 2010

The Daily Poverty Post

Welcome to Bossy’s Poverty Party, an online support group for reining in spending, getting your finances in order, and climbing out of debt. Everyone basically knows what steps to take, but it is nearly impossible to climb that mountain alone.

So every day nearly every day, Bossy will use this space to report her spending and missteps, along with cheap recipes, savings tips, and suggested tricks and goals.


So there stood Bossy the other day all innocent-like, preparing to pump her own gas and — you know the drill: remove the gas cap, swipe your credit card, select the grade of gasoline and — whoa!

They tried to trick Bossy by putting the grade of gasoline in a different order. For as long as Bossy can remember the grade of gasoline improved moving left to right, meaning it got more expensive.

And so just as Bossy was preparing to knock that left button for Regular, sister mercy, there was the Premium button to mess with the natural order of the universe.

Be aware, council! Keep those eyes open.

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