November 12, 2012

Veteran’s Day


Although Bossy never ever with extra never thinks about it like this: Bossy’s father is a veteran.

The reason Bossy never thinks about her father as a veteran, is because for the majority of Bossy’s life, her father looked like this:


Bossy’s father was in Korea in a MASH unit, which stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital:


Bossy’s father’s MASH unit setup was precisely like the TV show, which also took place during the Korean War. Except Bossy’s father was there after the conflict had ended.


Because there was no longer war in the Korean War, Bossy’s father’s medical expertise was mostly put to use treating his fellow army comrades for Syphilis.

When Bossy was a girl, she would watch MASH with her father and ask him questions about the show’s accuracy.


Bossy wants to thank you, Veterans!

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