March 1, 2013

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (A Bossy Post)

Bossy knows. She knows! Bossy promised she would write more regularly, but apparently more regularly means once a syzygy.


That’s because Bossy has been settling into a new job, and here is her routine: Every morning Bossy walks to the train station for her commute into the city:


Then Bossy emerges from the subway station to greet the canyon. Of buildings:


Bossy walks a handful of blocks to an undisclosed location that Bossy will now disclose!


Next Bossy works at work, followed by a walk back to the train station, and a train ride back home:


Bossy had little chance to write as she adjusted to her new schedule, where new schedule equals okay it’s been two months.


So here’s what Bossy is going to do: she is going to promise to write every single weekday in March — because apparently Bossy can’t be trusted to adhere to a schedule unless making wild commitments attached to underlying compulsiveness.


Please join Bossy back here for her own kind of March Madness. She will not let you down.

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