March 19, 2013

The Night That Ate Bossy’s Blog Post

Dear Esteemed Council,

Bossy knows she promised you a blog post every single weekday in March. And sure Bossy would love to write about Lindsay Lohan’s court drama or Obama’s disarmament plea to Iran, or the best remaining free agents in the NFL.


You see, Bossy’s day began early, on the train into the city:


Once in the city, Bossy worked at work:


And then during Bossy’s lunch hour, she ran on the treadmill in the gym which lives in the building next door to work:


And then Bossy worked late:


And as a reward for working late, Bossy went out to dinner with three of her colleagues. Their names rhyme with Xed, Bleena, and Nue. And this was what they ate:


But Bossy promises her council a rich and interesting blog post tomorrow! Unless Bossy falls into a vat of glue.


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