June 25, 2008

Time-Out To Talk Phunky Phresh.

Yo yoyoyoyo, what’s up Phamily? Bossy here, providing y’all with a phoot stompin, ham hocking post about her Love:


That’s G. Love, but you can call him Garrett Dutton III. He’s the dope front man of G. Love & Special Sauce, and Bossy has the following sick story about G. Love to share with all her dawgs:


That’s Bossy rockin’ her late teens. At the time she was kickin’ it with her brother’s musician friends because they were jammin’ in black threads.

Also at the time, Bossy’s parents owned a crib at the beach, where her family would chill for the summer—with the exception of her father who had to cruise back to the city for work every monday, and then cruise back to the beach after his killer week.

But Bossy’s dad wasn’t road trippin’ solo, because he shared his ride with another guy from the ‘hood who was also busy dedicatin’ his weekday skillz to pay the bills.

And that guy had a son named Garrett, but Bossy didn’t pay that son any mind because even though he grew up one block from Bossy, he was just a kid on the scene.


A dozen years down the line, Bossy found herself in a slammin’ crowd, diggin’ a cool unknown cat named G.


The band was bangin’,” Bossy told her dad on the phone the next day, still buzzin’ from G. Love’s off the chain performance.

Why, don’t you know? That’s young Garrett,” Bossy’s dad said.

Bossy’s mind started spinnin’ and she felt like she was trippin’.

Bossy was amped to catch G. Love’s next gig, where she found her groove backstage and approached G. The vibes were thick, and Bossy hit up G for some neighborhood memories and then Bossy strolled away holding G’s digits on a piece of paper.


Bossy was amped. Until she remembered she was already hitched.

But it’s still kind of dope that Bossy knows G, even if he does talk like a surfer. Which is why Bossy wants to give a shout-out to G. Love & Special Sauce and their latest record which dropped yesterday.

It’s called Superhero Brother. Word out. Peace in the Middle East.

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