December 29, 2008

Bossy’s Favorite Things.


Board Game gifts.

As Bossy’s kids get older, the big ticket Christmas presents are waning. It’s kind of hard to get fired up about sweat socks and fingerless gloves compared to shiny red bicycles and doll beds.

So these days Bossy makes an extra effort to research and buy a board game the whole family can play together, which isn’t always easy considering the age range of all involved and the inequity of smarts, for instance some of us are brilliant and prolific writers and some of us are Bossy.

Anyway, that’s how it came to pass that Bossy found the above game, Blokus, which Bossy and her family pronounced as Blow-cuss for two hours until someone said, “I think the object is to block us,” and the family sheepishly looked around and were all, “oh.”

This is a game that features different pieces of varying size and shape, and the object is to get all of your pieces, in a particular color, laid out point to point across the game board before you are boxed out by your opponents, and now Bossy thinks you understand why she doesn’t have a job with Hasbro as Game Describer.

The first time Bossy and her family played the game they were throwing their pieces on the board willy-nilly, but by the next round the boys separated from the men and developed strategies, where both the boys and the men in Bossy’s example are represented by Bossy’s son’s girlfriend, who whipped the pants off everyone.

Bossy is still advertising this game in her right column if you’re interested. It’s under $25.

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