November 4, 2009

The Daily Poverty Party Post


Bossy’s son wants you to know something.

A few weeks ago he wandered into a store that was having an amazing sale on jeans — it was like 70% off of an already reduced price — but the only relevant pair was a size too large. He stared at the jeans and mourned like we all do, and was prepared to surrender the idea.

Bossy forgets how the rest of the story goes. Perhaps his girlfriend the Delightful One was with him, or maybe it was something she said earlier that stuck in his mind. So possibly it’s the Delightful One who wants you to know something.

In whatever case, Bossy’s son went straight up to the cashier and purchased those cheap-arse jeans, a size too big. And then he took them to a local tailor in Morningside Heights, and for $15 the guy made the jeans fit better than any pants that are supposedly his size.

So now he has new and perfect jeans, and all they cost was a huge reduction plus $15.

Don’t discount, haha, something you can have tailored if the original price is right and it saves you money in the end. Don’t be afraid of the tailor!

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