March 30, 2010

Ten-Word Tuesday. The What Would You Do Edition

Bossy has a friend. And this friend is in a bit of a pickle over recent events.

Wait — before Bossy begins she should say this: you know how people say I have a friend and then they go on to say something egregious even though Bossy isnt sure what egregious means and you sit there the whole time listening and thinking They are actually talking about themselves?

Well Bossy is not talking about herself.

And if you are a friend of Bossy’s, this is not Bossy’s way of giving you bad news, so all of you just relax. No, this is actually a friend of a friend of a friend story, with another friend thrown in for added complication.

Here’s the deal:

Bossy has a friend. A friend who is not herself. And this friend has a friend who is dating someone. And — maybe this would be easier if Bossy were to illustrate:


And this Bossy has a friend who is not herself:


And this friend of Bossy’s who is not herself also has a friend:


And this friend of a friend is seeing someone. Do people still see people? It’s been a long time since Bossy dated:


But recently… wait, let’s go back to Bossy’s friend who is not herself:


Because this friend has yet another friend:


And this friend with enormous eyes was out one night when he spied the person who is dating Bossy’s friend’s friend:


Except this person who is dating Bossy’s friend’s friend was there with someone else:


So now back to Bossy’s friend who is not herself:


Bossy’s friend who is not herself was told all about this night and now he doesn’t know what to do. He is confused if he should tell his friend about the fact that the love interest was spied out with someone else:


Bossy can summarize her position on this dilemma in the following way: Sure, why not kill two precious hours drawing stick figures?

Which is what today’s Ten-Word Challenge is all about. In exactly ten words, can you please help Bossy’s friend make the decision: should he tell his friend that the love interest is cheating? Feel free to share your personal experience with this problem.

And be sure to check back later today for the sagest comments on the web.

If you missed last week’s Ten-Word Challenge, you didn’t miss much. Just kidding! You missed The Meaning of Life. Click here to read it in ten words.

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