March 30, 2010

The (No) Book Tour Countdown, Day Se-Se-Seven?

Welcome to the (No) Book Tour Countdown, where Bossy will — and this is a stretch — count down the days until she leaves on her (No) Book Tour. Bossy will use this space to detail what she’s up to as she plans, organizes, and collapses in fits. Shall we?


Here’s what Bossy has been up to with only seven days remaining until she leaves for her six-week (No) Book Tour: she’s been writing a song. Ridiculous, right? And it’s not even a song, it’s a ditty.

The thing is, Bossy is preparing a Youtube video to announce her road trip sponsors and itinerary and, hello? Announce her sponsors and itinerary to exactly who, because by the time Bossy is finished this video she has been talking about for at least the last millennium, there wont be a single reader left breathing.

In whatever case, Bossy couldn’t find the perfect music to match her video this time, which is a long way of saying Bossy grew a conscious about music licensing issues.

So Bossy broke out Garageband and did her thing. Why not? It’s not as if Bossy didn’t have approximately one bazillion hours to spare! Also? When Bossy begins using double-negatives in her sentences you know she’s about to go down the tubes.

Other things Bossy has been up to: oh, nothing. Just finalizing the details of 29 blogger meet-ups in various cities as Bossy crisscrosses the country.

Speaking of Bossy’s (No) Book Tour, if you did not fill out this quick and easy form, you are not officially signed-up for Bossy’s trip — which means you won’t get the emails regarding meet-ups, you won’t be listed on the map or links list, so please go to that form now!

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