October 13, 2012

The Only Financial Terms Dictionary You’ll Ever Need

As some of you know, Bossy recently took a job in the financial sector, where financial sector equals Bossy levels the blinds.

When it comes to finances, Bossy is now an industry insider, where industry insider equals she also organizes the supply closet.

From her new expert position, Bossy would like to clear up a few financial terms that may have previously eluded you as they did Bossy.

  1. Seed Money.
  2. seed-money

  3. Hedge Fund.
  4. hedge-fund

  5. Large Cap and Small Cap.
  6. large-cap-small-cap

  7. Soft Money.
  8. soft-money-hard-money

  9. Selling Short.
  10. katy-perry-wide-awake

  11. Diversification.
  12. chookooloonks-family

  13. Market risk.
  14. supermarket-chicken

  15. And finally, Liquid Strategy.
  16. liquid-strategy

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