November 1, 2012

Welcome To The First Day Of The Rest Of November


Hello Bossy’s esteemed council, and welcome to November!

November is the eleventh month of the year, and one of four months lasting thirty days — but that doesn’t stop it from sporting a name which means nine. The Anglo-Saxons referred to November as wind monath due to the blowing chill, while others favored blod monath due to the seasonally slaughtered cattle.


These days, November is best known for a tradition involving the gathering of a sometimes dysfunctional family who collectively overindulge.

Thanksgiving? Don’t be silly. Bossy is talking about NaBloPoMo, which means National Blog Posting Month.

Invented a handful of years ago by Bossy’s close and personal friend her, NaBloPoMo is a collection of bloggers who vow to post every single day in November.


Truth be told, this kind of incentive is precisely what Bossy needs to find her way back to this air pocket of the internet. Because lately Bossy hasn’t had the easiest time keeping her head above the water line.


As a matter of fact, Bossy could tell you a story about her personal life that would make your balls shrink to the size of raisins.


But since no one wants to swallow a pill that vile, Bossy will instead kick off her month of posting with this:


According to Bossy’s coworker who shall remain under a cloak of workplace secrecy but his name rhymes with David, there is a syndrome associated with eating pine nuts which results in a bitter taste in the mouth that can linger for weeks!

This condition is most likely due to rancid nuts, which trigger the same signal between the taste buds and brain which produce a metallic taste in those victims experiencing a stroke.

Pine Mouth was first discovered by a poison-control physician, and was later detailed in the Journal of Medical Toxology. The Food and Drug Administration continues to collect case studies and search for answers to questions such as, “There’s a Journal of Medical Toxology and Bossy hasn’t yet subscribed?

To summarize: shrunken balls and rancid nuts.

Please join Bossy for the entirety of November as she moves her ass back into position. Thank you, and goodnight.


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