November 13, 2012

It’s National Whatchamacallit Day


Hello and welcome to National Memory Screening Day! The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America is offering free testing to promote early detection of… you know. Memory Loss.

Participating locations include hospitals, shopping malls, churches and that place with lots of books. Libraries.

The screening is free, and includes a series of questions and tasks that test your memory in the areas of language skills and thinking ability, and are performed by a range of qualified healthcare professionals including social workers, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, who have often themselves earned a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree.


  1. How much does the screening cost?
  2. What does the screening consist of?
  3. Who performs the screening?
  4. How many years does a nurse practitioner go to school?

The screening isn’t just to diagnose Alzheimer’s. Memory loss can be attributed to many things, such as vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems, and consuming too much red wine moments before trying to sleep and then tossing and turning until 5am at which point your alarm clock is only one hour from ringing, and what was Bossy saying?

Click this link to find a National Memory Screening location in your area.


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