September 20, 2011

Ten-Word Tuesday — The Concert Edition


This past weekend, Bossy had the chance to go see Blondie perform live! Since this is a way better alternative to Blondie performing dead, Bossy purchased a ticket.

Well. The band wasn’t onstage ten seconds when Bossy’s friend Barbara who accompanied Bossy announced, “Debbie Harry is suffering from catastrophic bad styling.


At first Bossy didn’t agree, thinking Debbie Harry’s selection of the red tulle skirt was an ironic nod toward the little girl’s party dress.



But then Bossy spied Debbie Harry’s Peppermint Patty sandals:


It wasn’t so much that these shoes are an absurd choice for a singer who moves around quite a bit onstage, but they were an absurd choice for a singer who moves around quite a bit onstage.


Then, to distract Bossy from the Peppermint Patty shoe debacle, Debbie Harry shed her skirt. And her shirt. And her dignity.


And there were others sharing the stage. Such as Bryan Adams on guitar:


And there was a drummer who threw his sticks twenty feet in the air. And there was a guy who goes by the name The Original Bass Player. And Spock was on keyboards:



Also in the band was Chris Stein, Blondie’s founding member and Debbie Harry’s love interest for many years. He looked just like Debbie Harry, minus Debbie’s ironic use of the Santa belt:


Also in attendance, it may thrill you to know, was Vice President Joe Biden!


The show was great. Debbie Harry still has her sass and her pipes. Blondie played all their old hits as well as the songs off their new record entitled This Isn’t As Good As The Stuff In The 70s But It’s Not Altogether Bad.

Bossy can sum up her experience at the Blondie show in the following way: It kinda felt like Blondie played their own cover songs.

Which is what today’s Ten-Word Challenge is all about. In exactly ten words can you tell Bossy about the last concert you saw, or who you’d like to see?

And be sure to check back later today for the best concert stories on the web.

If you missed last week’s ten-word challenge regarding the way you load your toilet paper onto the holder, click here for over 100 opinions!

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