November 19, 2012

Travel Items For The Paranoid

  1. Toothbrush Sanitizer. Simply place your toothbrush inside this case, which utilizes a germicidal ultraviolet light to kill bacteria, mold, viruses, E.coli, listeria, and salmonella! Toothbrush not included. Neither is kissing. $30
  2. toothbrush-sanitizer

  3. Personal Air Purifier. Just hang this bit of plasma technology around your neck and allow the solid platinum emitters and stainless steel collectors to destroy airborne pollutants, allegens, and viruses. Finding an airline that allows you to bring this device on board not included. $99
  4. air-purifier-necklace

  5. Disposable Briefs. This soft, breathable cotton is lightweight to pack and biodegradable. Comes in a pack of five. Also known as diapers. $10.
  6. disposable-underwear

  7. Bedbug Luggage Liner. Featuring special zipper technology, this impermeable micropoly sheath acts as a barricade against bed bugs and dust mites and pollen and mold and fungi! $30
  8. bedbug-suitcase-liner

  9. Leg Stash. $20.
  10. leg-wallet

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