January 2, 2013

What Will Happen If You Take Ambien According To Bossy’s Father

For the past few months, Bossy has had a difficult time sleeping through the night — which is a coincidence since Bossy has no such trouble sleeping through the entire day.

So this morning Bossy called her father in the hopes of securing a sleep aid.


Do you know the tale of the cobbler’s children who have no shoes? Well in the case of Bossy’s father, there will never be reason enough for providing his grown daughter with a prescription for a nonbenzodiazepine hypnotic of the imidazopyridine class.


And why? Because in the professionally scientific opinion of Bossy’s father:


So Bossy looked up the many adverse effects of the scary Ambien pill Bossy was hoping to split into thirds and ingest prior to the occasional bedtime. And it seems there is evidence the medication produces odd behavior:




So thank you, Bossy’s dad, for saving Bossy from midnight snacking and peeing incidents and jail. Because that doesn’t sound restful in the least. Father really does know best.

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